Membership General Information
2023 Club Officials
President Lloyd Morgan
Men's Captain David Bloor
Women's Captain Libby Harper
Board Members Neil Cameron (Finance)
Mike Burrowes
Julia Oliver
Andrew Hobbs
General Manager Shelley Duncan
Director of Golf Michael Henderson
Course Superintendent Craig Parata
Administrator Penny Cumming
Otago Golf Club Constitution

Otago Golf Club Inc. - 2022 Constitution to view the club’s constitution.

Reciprocal Rights

Any member wishing to take advantage of these rights must obtain a letter of introduction from the General Manager or golf shop staff BEFORE visiting any of our reciprocal clubs.

Personal Property and Insurance

The Club shall not be liable for loss of any property belonging to a member or a visitor from the Club’s premises or from motor vehicles in the car park. We recommend that you keep your vehicle locked at all times. Loss or damage to vehicles whilst parked in the car park is the owner’s responsibility. Members should report any incident involving damage or likely damage caused by a ball being hit into private property. This report should be made to the General Manager immediately your round is completed.

Club Dress Code

A respectable standard of dress is expected at all times on the course and in the clubhouse. Club Officials and the Pro Shop staff have full jurisdiction to uphold dress standards on the course and, at their discretion, may ask any person on the course to dress appropriately in keeping with the following standards:

Attire - Women
  • Trousers.
  • Skirts or shorts.
  • Collared shirts.
  • Recognised golf apparel.
Attire - Men
  • Collared shirts.
  • Casual/golf trousers.
  • Casual/dress golf shorts.
  • Recognised golf apparel.
Footwear - Men and Women
  • Golf shoes should be worn.
  • Flat-soled athletic/running shoes are acceptable.
Not Permitten on the Course
  • T-Shirts
  • Jeans
  • Track pants
  • Beach or boxer shorts.
  • Clothing with unsightly or obscene slogans or graphics.
  • Dress shoes with hard soles/heels.
  • Jandals
  • Boat shoes, sandshoes, athletic/running shoes with spikes
  • Touch rugby shoes or/and boots with a hard-moulded sole

A reasonable standard of dress is expected at all times. Club Officials and the Clubhouse Manager on duty have the Club’s authority to ensure that members and patrons of the Club are appropriately dressed at all times.

Motorised transport

The Board of Management at all times reserves the right to grant or revoke permission to use a motorcycle, golf cart or other forms of motorised transport on the Otago Golf Club course. At all times users must comply with the “Terms and Conditions” set down in conjunction with the policy.

No visitor can bring ride-on motorised transport on the course.


Carts may be used by players and their caddies for all Club events with the exception of Championship competitions, when a medical certificate not more than 3 months old must be produced to the General Manager or the Golf Captain prior to the event. Notwithstanding the above rule, members with a certificated, long term medical condition are exempt but need their certificate renewal every 5 years.

Greens Staff
All players must give way to Greens Staff while course maintenance is being carried out. No approach shot shall be in the proximity of where staff is working, unless the players are signalled through, or the flag on the green is replaced by the course staff.

This necessitates the player ensures the return of ALL cards regardless of where the round is played and that they will post every acceptable round for peer review. Cards are generated automatically at the Pro Shop after a player has entered his/her member ID number. Visitors to the Club can only access a scorecard from the Pro Shop.


All players should print a scorecard.

This is a health and safety regulation that the golf club has been required to put in place and is a requirement of all golfers entering the facility to register with the Proshop and print a card before teeing off.

Tee Time Registration

Players are required to register for their tee time a minimum of 15 minutes prior. Any player who fails to do so or do not inform the Proshop they are running late may have their tee booking cancelled.

Members Playing Outside Category Limits

If a member wishes to play golf outside the time limitations of their membership category, they will be required to pay the following fee.


9 holes - $25*

18 holes - $40*


*These fees are subject to change and can be done so by the board of management at any time.

Practising On The Course

Practising on the course is prohibited but a practise round may be played with no more than two balls.

Complaints And Suggestions

These must be put in writing and forwarded to the General Manager. They will be referred to the appropriate person or committee for action.

No Member shall reprimand any employee or member of the Club.

Purchase Of Balls

Balls must not be purchased from any unauthorised person on or in the vicinity of the course. The sole right for the sale of golf balls is given to the Club Professional or, in his absence, to the General Manager.

Trespassers On Club Property

Trespassers are prohibited and enter the Club’s property at their own risk. Club members are requested to warn off the course any unauthorised persons.

Suspension Or Abandonment Of Play – Refer Rule 33-2d

The Club has a siren to signal to players regarding the above. One prolonged blast on the siren will indicate that play is to be suspended and two prolonged blasts will indicate that play is to resume. Three short blasts indicate postponement of play and players should return to the Clubhouse where the duration of the delay will be announced. Two prolonged blasts will indicate the resumption of play. In the event of abandonment three prolonged blasts will be sounded and play will not resume again that day. Players must ascertain restart requirements before leaving the course that day. At any stoppage a player who wishes to lift their ball, rather than complete play of the hole, should first mark its position by triangulation and agree the procedure with their opponent or marker.

Hole In One

Purpose: To celebrate a player achieving a hole in one during a round of golf.

Otago Golf Club Members

For a club member who hits a hole in one during a stipulated round, the following applies.

  1. For a hole in one to count, it must be scored during a stipulated round. The stipulated round in 9-hole golf competitions is 9 holes. In all other circumstances it is 18 holes. The round must be played with a marker, who must complete and sign the scorecard along with the player. The hole in one must also be achieved at a golf course that is affiliated to NZG and is more than 4500m in length.
  2. The office or a Club official must be notified of the event as soon as practical after the completion of the round.
  3. We currently have a sponsor who donates a bottle of whiskey to the player who has a hole in one.
  4. If the hole in one occurs on a club day, the club shots a shot of whiskey to players that in the clubhouse after golf.

Conditions Of Competitions

The rules of the Club provide that no member shall be eligible to participate in any competition if any part of their subscription remains overdue (except those who have arranged weekly or monthly payment). The eligibility of a member to participate in any event is determined by their membership category as at the first day of the competition.

Players are responsible for playing off their correct Handicap Index and Course Handicap. Failure to do so will result in disqualification from the competition.

For competition events of 18 holes or more an 18-hole Index is required to be held by the player.

All competition cards are to be entered into the DOTGOLF system or as otherwise directed by the event organizer, immediately on completion of a round. Players are responsible for recording the gross score on each hole. All cards must be signed by the player and marker. Incorrect, illegible or incomplete scorecards will be disqualified.

Count Back In Competitions
  • Dot Golf Count Back system shall be used for an 18-hole or greater than 18-holes competition to determine the result.
  • In the Club Strokeplay Championship, if there is a tie for first place, then a play off to determine the winner shall take place. The holes to be used in the event of a playoff shall be 17th and 18th, players shall continue in sudden death format until a winner is found.
  • In the club Matchplay and Handicap Matchplay competitions, if there is a tied match after 18 holes players shall continue to play the course as they started. (1st or 10th Holes) in a sudden death format.

Mobile Phones

We understand in today’s modern age it is important to stay connected, therefore the use of mobile phones on the course and in the clubhouse is permitted. Please be courteous when doing so, if your use of a mobile phone is interfering with another person’s experience then you will be asked to refrain from using it.

Distance Measuring Devices

Distance measuring devices that are used for the sole purpose of measuring distance only are allowed in all club competition play.

Pace Of Play

The Club has adopted the Pace of Play rules of the Otago Golf Club to apply to all competitions.

The per-shot time limits for all players are as follows:

  1. For the first player to play from the tee, fairway or on the green – 45 seconds.
  2. For subsequent players in the group – 30 seconds.

Pace of play times are displayed on your individual scorecards, these represent an acceptable pace of play and you are expected to maintain this pace.

Weekly Programme

The normal weekly playing programme is:


Casual play all day


Women’s Competition from 9.30am-10am

Casual play from 10am


Gardens New World Stableford – All Day


Master’s Competition 10-11am

Casual play from 9.30 onwards


Casual play from 8am onwards


Two tee start off 1st and 10th

From 8am-9am and again from11am-1pm

Casual play form 3.30pm.

Restricted to members and limited visitors.

Players need to call the golf shop to book a tee time


Casual play all day from 7.30am onwards.



Tee bookings are essential and can be made online through the dotgolf website. It is highly recommended that you check the tee booking sheet before you play as there are often changes to the standard programme above due to special events or group bookings.

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