Inclusion at OGC
Inclusion and Diversity at the Otago Golf CLub

The Otago Golf Club stands by being inclusive to all ability of golfers with respect to disabilities, gender, race and different ethnicities.

On this page you will find information around the above statement, which includes but not limited to, access to the club’s facilities for the disabled, attitudes towards being an inclusive and inviting facility to disabled persons and its stance and processes around bullying and racism.

Access: Access to the Otago Golf Club is off 125 Balmacewen Road. There is a large area for car parking. Access for the disabled is at the back left of the building as you come into the carpark where you are able to park your car within 10 metres of the back door and have unrestricted access to the upstairs facilities from there.

Attitude: The Otago Golf Club provides a positive attitude and takes a strong stance in relation to including disabled persons to be able to use the club’s facilities. Staff members and golf teaching professionals are trained and equipped with the tools and solutions to making the Otago Golf Club open their arms to disabled golfers or disabled persons attending the facilities for private functions.

Bullying/Racism: The Otago Golf Club treats either of these matters extremely seriously and highly confidentially if approached with an issue that might need to be dealt with. If anyone is being bullied (verbally, physically or online) or racially abused within the facility this needs to be reported to any member of staff. This will be investigated confidentially and immediately to ensure the best outcome possible. Prompt notification of any potential issue is essential in order to investigate and solve it.

The golf industry and particularly the Otago Golf Club embraces and values diversity and inclusion. This environment must be adopted to reflect changing communities and our ever changing society. The game is, and should be at all times, accessible to anybody regardless of who they are.


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