A par five and an excellent opening hole, which requires a well-positioned tee shot, preferably in the centre or on the right hand side of a wide fairway. The left side should be avoided at all costs as it is heavily guarded by trees and a substantial drop down to the 18th fairway, usually resulting in a short pitch back into play. The second level of the fairway can be comfortably reached by the better strikers but they may well have to contend with an uncomfortable lie thus gaining little advantage. The green is reachable but the player is required to move the ball considerably from left to right to avoid a substantial block of trees to a well-guarded green. In general play, the ideal position for the approach is on the centre or left of the fairway with a short to mid-iron to the green. A water hazard protects the right side thirty metres from the green and if missed on the left side the angle of approach can often prove difficult.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Black   5 6 533
   Blue   5 6 515
   Blue Xways   5 6 515
   Short Course   5 4 336
   White   5 6 505
   White Xways   5 6 505
   Yellow   5 6 488
   Short Course   5 4 336
   White   5 6 505
   Yellow   5 3 488
   Yellow Xways   5 3 488