Vaccination Policy

Covid Vaccination Certificate Requirement.


It is the Club Board’s responsibility to ensure the Golf Club is a safe place for staff, members, and visitors. The Governments introduction of the “traffic light system” has necessitated the introduction of this policy to ensure the Board can meet its legal obligations.


The “traffic light system” offers two distinctly different paths for businesses to choose to operate under: My Vaccination Pass Verification is used, or My Vaccine Pass Verification is not used. For the Club to operate successfully and safely the Board have determined that we must require vaccination pass verification before entry to club facilities.

As a condition of entry to the club house facilities, all Staff, Members, Members’ guests, and other visitors aged 12 and over must:

1. have received a double vaccination of a government approved COVID-19 vaccine

2. agree to provide, and have provided, written or electronic evidence of their COVID-19 vaccination to the Club; and

3. provide written or electronic evidence of their COVID-19 vaccination status upon the expiry of their current vaccination certificate. The exception to this will be anyone who has and provides proof of a Government issued Exemption from mandatory vaccination certificate. Evidence of vaccination must be either a hard copy of the standard Ministry of Health COVID vaccination certificate or the electronic version available via the Ministry of Health website. Evidence of a COVID-19 vaccination received other than in New Zealand will be accepted if the evidence is standard in the relevant country and it has been accepted by the Ministry of Health. Any member or visitor not able to comply with this policy, including not being double vaccinated or refusing to provide proof of vaccination, will not be able to access the clubhouse facilities.

They will however be able to play golf with the following restrictions:

  • the player must book a tee time through the golf shop calling in advance to play at a time that will not impact on the club’s ability to hold competitions, which means you cannot play in any club competition or event.

• can only play on the course casually, staying within their group and with the use of electronic scorecards.

• must leave the golf course once their round is complete i.e. no entry to the clubhouse or golf shop.

Shared facilities (e.g. toilets on course) and equipment such as rakes, flags, rubbish bins and water fountains can be used by both vaccinated and unvaccinated golfers under all traffic light settings.

The pro-shop is considered a retail business and has retail specific guidelines (currently entry requires QR code scanning, mask wearing, and distancing but not proof of vaccination). Please follow any rules posted outside the pro-shop.

Under the new guidelines we still ask you to respect our staff’s health and safety and please wear a mask when purchasing or ordering food or drinks in the clubhouse.


This updated by-law comes into effect on 17 December 2021.