A sharp dogleg and sloping fairway playing to a slightly elevated green makes this hole very difficult. The line from the tee will allow some of the dogleg to be attacked depending on tee placement. Trees and a water hazard plus a large area of uncontrolled rough heavily protect the corner of the dogleg. The approach shot with a long iron from a sloping fairway also has to deal with the water hazard on the right and out of bounds on the left. The green is built on a slight elevation and protected by bunkers on both sides and front. A steep bank to the right of the green penalises any wayward approach shot.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Black   4 1 406
   Blue   4 1 382
   Blue Xways   4 1 382
   Short Course   4 6 197
   White   4 1 359
   White Xways   4 1 359
   Yellow   4 1 309
   Short Course   4 6 197
   White   4 1 359
   Yellow   4 7 309
   Yellow Xways   4 7 309