The 10th hole is a par 4 and requires a drive over a steep hill favouring the left side as the fairway slopes gently from left to right. A difficult hole for the club player from the championship tee, as they must carry the ball in excess of 200 metres to clear the hill. The approach shot for those who made it to the top of the hill is a long to medium iron to find a narrow green, which is cut into a bank. The green angles diagonally left to right across the line of the approach shot and care must be taken as steep banks make chipping difficult from both sides of the green. Most players prefer to feed the ball in short left and allow for the natural run on to the green.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Black   4 5 360
   Blue   4 5 355
   Blue Xways   4 5 355
   Short Course   4 3 304
   White   4 5 321
   White Xways   4 5 321
   Yellow   4 5 304
   Short Course   4 3 304
   White   4 5 321
   Yellow   4 4 304
   Yellow Xways   4 4 304