The 9th and 10th holes add a touch of "Links Golf "to the Course. The 9th is a par four with a blind tee-shot open to the elements to a very undulating fairway. Knowledge of the flag position is important for positioning the ball from the tee. Normally a slight favouring of the right side will allow a good look at the green. The approach shot will be a mid-short iron to a green that slopes away from the player and is bunkered on both sides and surrounded by difficult rough. An interesting green, which requires careful study as it contains peculiarities in both pace and slope. This is one of the most interesting greens and holes on the Course.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Black   4 10 370
   Blue   4 10 355
   Blue Xways   4 10 355
   Short Course   4 5 269
   White   4 10 340
   White Xways   4 10 340
   Yellow   4 10 340
   Short Course   4 5 269
   White   4 10 340
   Yellow   4 6 340
   Yellow Xways   4 6 340