The 6th hole is No 1-stroke index for Men and is a testing medium length, uphill par four, which dog-legs to the left 200 metres from the tees. Trees on the left and right and two fairway bunkers are very much in play. The second shot requires accuracy and good club selection onto a two-level green, as a deep greenside bunker protects the front of the green. A ball hit to the left will kick down the hill into positions, which often incur a difficult shot back into play. Conversely the right side of the green is well protected by bunkers. Club selection to the green is crucial as the ball is best kept below the flagstick. The green is treacherous and demands respect. Putting and chipping from above the hole is challenging as the green slopes sharply from back to front.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Black   4 2 347
   Blue   4 2 335
   Blue Xways   4 2 335
   Short Course   4 7 284
   White   4 2 320
   White Xways   4 2 320
   Yellow   4 2 284
   Short Course   4 7 284
   White   4 3 320
   Yellow   4 5 284
   Yellow Xways   4 5 284